This is one of my favorite salad… Also I have beautiful memories with my Dad in Munich, Le Locle (SW) restaurants… Years, many many years ago… November is a sad month for me… My father died, it was 1981…

Today I made a “Kartoffelsalat”…

I learned a little trick! When you boil the potatoes, leave one of them in seperate place. With its sauce (olive oil, lemon juice, salt, black pepper, and senf) mix this seperated boiled potato in mixer/food processor… Then you can mix with all other boiled and sliced potatoes…

It is so delicious…

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Pink Sultan

….several years ago, in the Aegean coast, we had an amazing Summer holiday.


In Kuştur Tatil Köyü (Kuştur Holiday Village, but today its name Kuştur Club)… It is at the Aegean coast, in Kuşadası (Birdisland) where the area was hit by the last earthquake…

Everything was so beautiful, especially the kitchen/restaurant was so nice. We had so delicious foods/menu. Every Summer holiday I was coming back to the home with a beautiful recipes… “Pink Sultan” is one of them.

Pink Sultan, with red beets, yoghurt and garlic… seems so easy to make… You boil the beets and then you add a few slice beets with garlic, and salt in a bowl that is full of yogurt then mix them all together. Let it to cool in the fridge… You can eat cold… as an appetizer…

Our son, he was just around 5 or 6 years old. At night in the dancing club, he wanted to dance with a little girl, as him! We said him he could go and ask her… They started to dance… But very soon came back to us, “but she doesn’t understand me… and I can’t understand her too!”… Language differences… She was a little French girl who was in the Summer Holiday as us… We just laughed…

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Taste From My Childhood


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Delectamentum Memorias

Today, I am inspired by our correspondence between me and dear Doug. He is one of my blogger friend. 

https://phainopepla95.com/ (Doug’s blog)

and you can find and read our correspondence below the post in my other blog

Just a tomate and feta cheese,…where carried us into our own memories…

From now on, in this blog, I want to share “Delectamentum Memorias”… or Delicious (food) Memories…

If you join me, if you make a post in your own blog about your delicious food memories, please just let me know I can share in here too…

Thank you,

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Haiku Try


Got dark everywhere

in the city where I live

rain drops on street…


Birds they all gone now

silent darkness hiding them

rain talks with bowls…


Walking in old road

without any acquaintance

of my memories…




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Criminal World

w o r d s r a i n d r o p s

another colorless day

of the city…

shadows of the wall

w o r d s r a i n d r o p s

can’t find the way

lost in the concrete


a woman weaving

ironic; dancing a girl

into the colours

on the carpet..

w o r d s r a i n d r o p s

who killed

the poet…..




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In My Own Inner Sea


My dear blogger friend’s selection inspired me with this song,


…insan kendi iç denizinde kaybolur mu… çıkışlarım yok gölgelerle dans ediyorum hayaletlerle konuşuyorum dışarısı soğuk değil ama üşüyorum nerede yenik düştüm çıkaramıyorum sonbahar mı bütün bunlara sebep ….

“Am I disappearing  in my own inner sea  … there is not any exit I dance with the shadows, I talk with the ghosts, out side is not cold  but I’m cold,  I can’t find where I lost, is it because of the autumn…”

13th October, 2018

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What Died…

They said God died

Then Angles died…

philosophy died

humanity died

values died

earth died

but there is something

never dies,

being born under the great human umbrella

as we call it, great democracy,

dictatorship is still alive…

neither wealthy wing, nor poverty wing

just despotism…





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“Potential Energy”

In my brain, words sitting

as having a potential energy

for ages…

I am older than myself,

coming from maybe

Sumerian stone masters…

But, even it is easier than the old days,

I can’t write anything

on a white paper…


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Can I play with the words?

But no one listens to my voice

I write them correctly

but in pronunciation I make mistakes,

Who can understand me

if I write a poem?

could you please turn off

the sound

when you are reading!


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